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The Stage Door Diva Podcast

Oct 3, 2018


Aaron A. Watson is a Non-Union Stage Manager who is currently working out of New York City as a Stage Manager for theatre, dance, and more!

Aaron can currently be seen working on the hit show Cleopatra at Chelsea Music Hall.

Aaron's work has brought him across all four corners of the United States in various touring productions, but his heart always brings him back to his shows in New York, much of which has been new works and workshops.

Aaron also enjoys photography, fitness, camping, hiking, shopping, and driving the world crazy with his unique hashtags, #littlegingerinthebigcity and #littlegingertouringthebigcountry, which some fail to see is an irony mimicking the Looney Toon's type cartoons where the "rotund" evil villain was always named "Slim", making it comical to call his 6'3" self "little".

He hails from the great Pine Tree State of Maine where he both grew up and went to college. The pine scented air and vast lakes are some of Aaron's favorite things about Vacationland, and he enjoys visiting whenever he can.

If you'd like to know more about Aaron, he shares all his hijinks around the country with the world on his social media!

The Stage Door Diva began as a column in the Coastal Journal in Midcoast Maine. Over time, Tamara Lilly realized she wanted to tell more and more indepth stories, beyond the page. The focus is on Theater folks in Maine and beyond!

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